The three Cs of Branding

The Three C’s of Branding

Is your site creating the experience that you want? What do people feel about your organization? What would your community say about your organization if it wasn’t around anymore? These are all questions that show the importance of having a strong brand. There are many iterations of different words beginning with “C” that show the importance of this concept, but let’s explore the Three C’s of Branding that I feel represent the core principles of branding best.


Do you know who you are and who your target audience is? What are your key values? Rate how well you are living out those values on a scale of 1-10. What could you do better to move that to a 10? It is important to not only understand and have your values written down, but it’s important to actually do day-to-day operations based on your organization’s core values. 


Do you not only stand-by your core values, but also deliver a consistent message of who and what your brand is? This includes letterheads, business cards, ads, your website, bulletins, brochures, and any other touch points you have with your community. They should all deliver the same consistent message. Think about every interaction that someone in your community has with your organization. How can your values shine through in each of those touch points? A business could sell something amazing! However, if the customer experience is terrible while checking out, the whole buying experience will be tarnished. As a result, the whole brand suffers. Consistency should be never-ending as you continue to make your touch points better and have buy-in from everyone within your organization. 


Credibility follows right behind clarity and consistency because when you define who your organization is and what you stand for, and then consistently present the same message, you automatically start building credibility. Gaining the trust of your community will lead to referrals and loyalty. And if you’re a church, credibility is especially important in this world where Christians are seen as hypocrites. The more we show up and do what we say we stand for, the more we will establish credibility with our communities.

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