Designing your website

Top Five Things Your Website Needs

Besides having a great logo and a beautiful aesthetic, there are definitely some other essentials that you need in order to have a great site. Here are the top five non-negotiable things that your website needs to have.

1. Clear Navigation

Make sure that your navigation is intuitive and easy. Here’s a quick test that you can do. What is something that a person from your community would come to your website hoping to find? Go to your website and count how many times you need to click to find it. If it’s more than 3, your navigation could use some simplifying. You can repeat this test as many times as you would like to make sure that everything is easy to find.

For churches especially, this is important. It might sound cool to have an interesting name for every single ministry in your church like “Truth Seekers” but without other information that shows what age demographic the group is for, it is unlikely to be attended by brand new people. People like to know what they are walking into for new situations, so the more info you can give them about what to expect, the better. Having cool names for your different age groups of kids and youth is cool – just make sure to include what age to expect.

2. Strong Call-to-Action Steps

It’s important that you decide what steps you want people from your community to take when they visit your site. Then make it extremely easy for them to make that step. If you are a life coach, and your goal is for people to schedule to start having sessions with you, then you want that invitation to schedule with you scattered throughout your site in key places.

3. Contact Information

This seems self-explanatory, but so many times sites don’t have the proper contact information or don’t have it in the expected places. If you have a brick and mortar location, it’s a good idea to have your address not only on your contact page, but also in your footer. Make it as easy as possible for people in your community to find you or contact you with questions.

4. Responsive/Mobile Design

Because most people are now searching online using their mobile device, it is ESSENTIAL that your site work well and look great on a variety of mobile devices. 

5. Clear Branding and Message

If you skimmed through the top section of this page about Brand Identity or skipped it, go back and read it. It is important that your online visitors have a clear understanding of what you do, why you do it, and how you do it differently than your competitors. Build your credibility and make a stronger impact on your audience by reinforcing your brand vision and values throughout the content of your site.

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