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Business Graphics and Your Brand

The new year gives all of us an opportunity to reevaluate and think about what we would like to accomplish in the coming year. Usually, we make goals and think about how we can get into shape and workout in the gym more and eat healthier. Just like we need a refresh for our bodies, your business needs one too! And the new year is the perfect time to do it! Perhaps you would like to refresh your business graphics for the New Year. If so, here are some great ways you can refresh your website as we enter into 2021.

Define your brand

If you have never sat down and really thought about your branding strategy and what you want to be known for, this is definitely the first step. Getting a branding guide is a great idea so that can have a guideline on hand that shows all the rules for your brand and its image.

Your brand is about more then just your logos or your color scheme or your business graphics. It’s about how people see you and your business. What do you want people to say about your business to their friends? Build your online platform so that people can get to know you. Your brand should be a part of everything you say and do.

If you say one thing or act a certain way online, but when people meet you, you’re like a completely different person, it will show. You can’t please everyone, so don’t try to be every thing to every person. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

When creating your brand, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Be authentic
  • Think about what sets you apart from others in the same field
  • What value do you provide that others in your field do not?
  • What does that value make your clients feel emotionally?
  • Is your brand inline with how you portray yourself?

Refreshing your graphics can provide new energy and excitement with your employees, your current clients and give you brand new opportunities to reach new clients.

Your Logo – The Number one graphic for your business

Your logo is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of your business. If your business has been around a long time, this could be a necessary step in revitalizing your business for the new year. There are a couple questions to ask to find out if a logo redesign is right for your business.

  • Has your business expanded or changed?
  • Are you speaking to a new audience?
  • Have your brand’s values or mission changed?
  • Is your logo dated?

A lot of times, you don’t need a completely new logo design. Instead, you can stay within your current branding and refresh your logo.

Get new business cards

Business cards are a great tool to have in your back pocket, especially as a small business. If you go to trade shows, networking events or meetings with clients, it’s great to be able to give them that reminder of your business.

Simple and efficient is the way to go with business cards. You don’t need a ton of information on it. Consider putting your new logo, your name, contact info, website, and your social media profiles. The colors should fit in with your branding and if you really want to go the extra mile, get a nice think business card to really put your best step forward.


You can include a lot of information about your business on a brochure such as your services or products or the different ministries you have. Your brochure should fit in with your brand and be eye-catching and professional.

New Signs

Especially if you have just done a new branding strategy or if your old logo was displayed on your sign, you may need to consider getting new signs for your business.

  • Do your signs and graphics reflect the brand you are today?
  • Do they tell a consistent story?
  • Are your employees proud of where they work?

Try Something new with your business graphics

If you aren’t on social media, now would be a great time to jump in! If you have a page on facebook, now might be a great time to try some other social media platforms as well. For this, it’s important to know your audience and where they hang out.

You could also consider your brand from another perspective that is outside your current demographic of clients. For example, if you sell primarily to men, think about it from a woman’s perspective. By doing this, you could open new ways of marketing your products and services.

If you usually send out emails only to your customers, you could try sending a direct mail postcard. Or if you usually send a catalog in the mail, you could create an online version. It’s the same communication but done in a different way that might catch different attention.

Brand building awareness ideas

There are some ways that you can build brand awareness that don’t necessarily involve your visual graphics or even your website, but they can go a long way towards people remembering you and your business.

If you are selling products or you conduct classes, you could set up a referral program so that people who already love your business are motivated to spread the word. An infographic can be a fantastic visual way to use storytelling to explain your data. Visme has a great tool to help you design great infographics with tons of images and design ideas. Offering free premium content and giving away swag is another great way to get your brand out there where more people can see it. Running a social media contest, setting up Social Media Ads and hosting a podcast are some other out-of-the box ideas.

This has been Part 2 of this series on Refreshing Your Business for 2021. To go back and read Part 1, Click here. And click here for Part 3.

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