Refresh Your Social Media

Refresh Your Social Media

The New Year is here and we have some ideas for how you can refresh your social media strategy! 2020 has been quite the year, and now more then ever, connection is really important. Social Media is a way to stay connected and informed during these unusual times.

Look at your goals

If you have set previous goals for your social media presence in the past, now is a great time to look at them and see if they still match up with where you want to be. If you have never set social media goals before, that is a great place to start!

Are your goals S.M.A.R.T?

  • Specific: Be clear. Does “increase engagement” mean you want 100 new followers or 1,000? Making your social media goals specific helps you track progress and measure success.
  • Measurable: Every goal needs some kind of metric. “Improve customer service” is a great concept, but it’s not a goal unless you have a way to measure that improvement.
  • Attainable: Your social media goals should absolutely require you to stretch, but they should be within reach if you put in the required work.
  • Relevant: This is the piece that ties your goal-setting back to larger business objectives. If your goal involves increasing Facebook likes, for example, make sure you understand how that will benefit the business.
  • Timely: Deadlines keep everyone accountable. Include a timeframe for completion of your goal so you know when to check in on your success. You might also want to include some milestones along the way for incremental check-ins.

Here are the 10 most common types of social media goals identified by Hootsuite.

graph of goals in your organization about social media

Hootsuite has a couple really great articles all about creating SMART goals for your social media here and here.

Evaluate your brand

Did you know that it takes approximately 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your brand or website? Your brand is SO IMPORTANT! Soon, I will be writing a new post all about branding. If you would like to be updated as soon as new content comes out, please click this link.

Update your profiles

  • Updating your profile picture and making sure your bio info is up to date is a great way to give your social media a refresh.
  • Are you using the same username across all your profiles? It’s a good way for people to be able to find you easily across the different platforms. 
  • By connecting your profiles together and using Plann or Hootsuite to post, you can easily keep an eye on all your profiles at once.

Conduct a Social media audit

  • Track down all of your business social media accounts that are no longer being used (especially those that were started by former colleagues). You can find these by doing google searches and searches on the different social media platforms.
  • Make sure that all the current accounts you have are complete and on brand.
  • Find which posts had the most engagement. Once you have found which three posts had the most engagement, look for a pattern. Are they videos or photos? Did they do just as well on other social media?
  • For most brands, the best way to track what is working the best is to see which platforms are directing people to your website the best and which ones are actually becoming clients. You can use Google Analytics to find out this information. Here is a 4-step guide to tracking social media in Google Analytics.
  • Calculate a return on investment analysis. Basically, find out if the ads and campaigns you did on social media did their job and you see returns on your investment.

New Platforms

Think about where the people that are in your targeted demographic hang out. If the majority of your social media presence is on facebook, but the people in your targeted demographic hang out more on Instagram or pinterest, then you definitely need to get in front of them where they are, right?

Here are some links to find out if you are reaching the right demographics:

Establish an owner

It’s good practice to have one main person, or maybe a team, oversee all the different social media platforms for your business. That way they can make sure that everything that is being posted is on brand, up-to-date and performing well.

Centralize your passwords

Setting up the passwords in advance for your accounts instead of having various team members in charge of different accounts makes it easy to protect the security of your accounts by ensuring that only the right people have the account info. It also means that you don’t have to change passwords every time someone leaves your team or moves to a new role within the company.

Create new content

  •  New Photos: If you have been cycling through the same few things for a while, try setting up a photo shoot to get some new, quality photos to include in your content. Photos are the most compelling content your brand can offer on social media, so staying up to date is important.
  • User-generated: You can even share more user-generated content. You can look at what other users have tagged you in or where people have talked about a product or your business.
  • Videos: You can even share more user-generated content. You can look at what other users have tagged you in or where people have talked about a product or your business.
  •  Repurpose: You don’t need to generate new content for each different stream of communication. Instead, if you post a video on your website, repurpose it by also posting it on Facebook. If you write a new blog post, you can pull a few takeaways and share on social media. Don’t post the same content over and over, but you can recycle some of your content.

Other ways you can interact

  • Throwback: Along the same lines as repurposing your content, you can do a #throwbackthursday or #tbt post and share something that happened a while ago, which is re-using some of your older content but in a nostalgic way.
  • Tutorial / How to: Show your audience how to do something with one of your products or services.
  • Poll Your Audience: Polls are an easy way to get your followers more engaged. Most of the social media platforms have built in polls.
  •  Tag a Friend: Ask people to tag friends! This is especially great with contests. In order to be entered to win in the contest, say they have to tag 2 people. This is a great way to add to your following!
  • How it Started vs. How it’s going: A popular post is #howitstartedvshowitsgoing. It’s two shots that show the beginning of 2020 vs. the end. Here is a funny example:
Memes and social media

This is Part 3 in a four part series on refreshing your business. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. Click here for Part 4.

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