Bringing a message of Beautiful Grace

Our greatest goal is to see you succeed in our shared mission to reach the nations with God’s beautiful grace. This requires a strategy that is built on your unique vision, culture, and values. The message that you bring not only has the power to change lives, but it has the power to change where a person spends eternity. 

Because this is the most important message that there is, it deserves a purposeful strategy to present it. We want to partner with you so that we are intentionally presenting this message in the easiest way for people to receive it and not putting any road blocks or hinderances for people coming to the Lord. 


Connecting with People

"Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

Signature Service Packages

Brand Identity

We will dive deeper then the colors, fonts and logo that your business has. We will examine your culture and your brand and create visual elements to support you.
You actually already have a brand, whether you realize it or not. Branding is the personality or culture that you have. Every church and business has one and it varies A LOT from church to church and business to business. We take your unique brand and present it with visual elements so that people can experience who you are.
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Branding & Website

Delve into everything about your brand and create an unforgettable experience which includes a custom designed website.
This includes everything from the Brand Identity Package plus a website designed just for you to share your unique culture, values, and vision with your community. We help you get your story out and experienced by your community.
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Maintenance Package

Need someone to partner with you to get all the tech stuff done?
We're here for you! Sign up for an Ongoing Maintenance Package so we can take care of some of those to-do items for you.
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How it works

Click each phase below to see how we'll explore your brand and create visual elements to support it.

NOTE: Branding Package is only Phases 1 - 3

We will start off with a one-on-one Strategy Call so we can explore your church or business and discuss details like:

– Your culture, values, and vision
– Trouble spots that you’ve been encountering
– What you would like people to feel about your organization
– Your goals for how you will tell your story with the new branding elements that we are creating for you!

You’ll get access to the Client Portal which helps keep everything for our project in one place.

I’ll take a peek at how you are currently communicating to your community and see if there are other tweaks that we can make to clearly express your brand by conducting a Communications Audit. I do this audit to suggest refinements in your Communication Strategy and build a Connection Strategy that looks not only at improvements to your website, but also to emails, newsletters, flyers, bulletins, social media, and brochures. The key here is to make sure that there is a consistent message across all forms of contact with your community. 

After conducting this Communications Audit, I will present a Connection Strategy to you with suggestions on what can be improved and how I can help.

In this phase we will design the visual elements of your brand. We will start with a “Style Tile” that will lay out type fonts, colors, pictures, and any other elements that are needed. The “Style Tile” is useful for making sure that we are on the right track for what you want people to feel when they encounter you. 

Next we will explore a new logo or a logo refresh if needed. Plus any other collateral items will be designed and we will agree on any other revisions if needed.

Here’s the best part! I send you all your finished files of your logo, style tile, any mockups, collateral items, and a Branding Rule Book! This Rule Book is a handy tool that you can use within your organization or for outside designers to quickly and easily show them who you are and explain all about your brand without having the trouble of trying to explain it! 

We have a big celebration and post your beautiful new brand imagery on social media! 

If you are doing the Branding & Website Package, the fun continues! 

We start off with a one-on-one Strategy Call specifically about your website so that you can share details about:

– What you envision for your new website?
– Trouble spots or issues with your current site
– If you sell something, what do you sell?
– How are people currently finding you?

I’ll take a peek at your current website, other churches in the area if you are a church, or competitors if you are a small business. We will then set up hosting and domain name if needed.

In this phase, we will discuss the layout of the homepage as it creates the first impression people experience when they see your site. We will meet on zoom to discuss and refine.

Then we will design the homepage and other pages on the web. We will do any final tweaks and then we will move to the final phase!

I will create a customized experience for you and your team on WordPress. This will include instructional videos, a custom login screen and more. We will do a detailed, final walk-through of the site to make sure that everything is functioning the way that it should and then…. It’s Launch Time!!! 


— Workbook to explore the experience you want to create for people who come into contact with you
— Color Scheme that psychologically says exactly what you want to say to your audience
— Custom designed logo to fit your brand – with files for print and screens
— Style tile that shows at a glance the experience that you are creating for your community
— Branding rule book so that everyone in your organization can stay on the same page when creating or communicating. This Rule Book can even be given to future designers so that they will know your brand!
— Any other collateral items (brochures, bulletins, magnets, t-shirts, business cards, etc.)


— Everything that is listed above
— Client Portal for you to be able to access all the documents, emails, tasks, and see the entire process
— A custom website built uniquely for you!
— Instructional Videos to help you manage your site with ease
— Email and Video Updates throughout the process
— A huge list of resources to help you with your website
— 30 days of website support after launch day

We do not supply hosting for your website. We will help you acquire hosting services from our preferred third party partner BlueHost, but any server related issues will need to be discussed directly with their support.

In addition to your New Brand Identity and Beautiful New Website, You will receive these Bonuses!

2 Hour
Strategy Call
30 day Post -
Launch Support

Add On Packages

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. If anything comes up during the Communication Audit, we will  give suggestions on how we can help and draw up a proposal for you. It could be that your social media hasn’t been updated in years, or that you’re still using the same bulletin from 1980. Whatever the case may be, we can help you with our custom add-on packages. Our Add-on Packages include both one-time fixes and on-going monthly maintenance packages.

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A lot depends upon how quickly you can send us the different items and feedback that we need during the process. We will explore your brand, pick colors, typography and images that will tell your story, create a stellar new logo, create a style tile that will help any designers that work with you in future and a Brand Rule Book to help all those in your organization follow the same rules when doing things for your brand. If there are any additional collateral items that you would like (bulletins, brochures, postcards, pamphlets, etc.) more time will be required. This process could take as much as 6 – 8 weeks.

Once we have the Branding Package complete, it will take from 6-8 weeks to design a new website.  Depending on the complexity involved for your unique needs that estimate can change. I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate in your proposal.

Pinterest Inspiration board: 1 week prior to your start date
Branding Questionnaire: 1 week prior to your start date
Hosting and WordPress login information: the first week after your start date
Text content: two weeks after your start date
Image content: two weeks after your start date

YES! After reserving your start date with your 50% deposit, we will get started on your project. 30 days after your start date, 25% of the total will be due. 60 days after your start date or before launching your site (whichever happens first) the last 25% will be due.

We will examine your existing logo and branding and confirm that they are communicating what you want them to. When you have had the same logo and brand for a long time, a whole re-brand is not necessary and instead might just need a refresh. Each package is built uniquely per client so if you do not need a new brand, the package price will be adjusted according to your needs.

When you pay your 50% deposit, you will reserve your start date. If something changes and you need to put your project on hold, we can do that. But the new start date will depend upon what other projects are already scheduled. In order to give you and your project all the attention it deserves, we will only have one active project scheduled at a time.

Your client portal is a place online where all the information about your project is stored. It can be frustrating looking for an email that you received a month or two ago, or trying to locate a file that has been updated and sent back and forth several times. This way, everything is in one spot and easy for you to access from anywhere! For this reason I ask that you simply hit reply on any emails I send you instead of starting a brand new email to me. Any new emails you create will not show in the portal. I will give you the login information after the proposal is signed and I receive your 50% deposit.

The logo, graphic files and website mockups that I send you are the intellectual property of Beautiful Grace Designs until final payment is made at which point they become 100% your property and you can change them however you wish.

Ready to get started?

I can’t wait to meet you and hear about everything that God has placed on your heart! 

Join a community of church leaders and small business owners who want to connect with their communities for Christ.
Join a community of church leaders and small business owners who want to connect with their communities for Christ.
Join a community of church leaders and small business owners who want to connect with their communities for Christ.